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Dogtown Skateboards was founded in the beginning of the 1970s, Dogtown has become the brand that revived the skateboarding industry in California. Surfers desired for something new on those sad days when waves didn’t exist.

Dogtown is forever synonymous with hardcore riding. The brand is offering everything skateboarders wish for, from decks to apparel and accessories.

Dogtown decks are constructed from sturdy 7 ply maple, shaped with a spoon nose and 80s styled concave, bringing up nostalgia to the immortal days of skateboarding. Dogtown boards are kept simple with minimal graphics so their wood stain finishes take the main role. These Dogtown decks are made for any riding style from technical tricks to freestyle. Dogtown skateboard wheels get you a smooth roll and are made with solid cores to hold bearings in tight. Dogtown also thinks of longboarders and therefore, they make larger wheels for longboarding and cruising. If you don’t want your custom deck then we got you covered with our selection of complete Dogtown skateboards.

And if you are looking for some cool clothing, take a look at our Dogtown T-shirts and Dogtown hoodies

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