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Powell Peralta is an American skateboard company founded in 1978 by George Powell and Stacy Peralta. Powell Peralta built up their own team Bones Brigade, which consisted of the era’s top skateboard competitors. The best thing? You can still get the boards that riders from Bones brigade use, reissued and built with perfection.

Powell Peralta was creating skateboards for all categories, and recently they got into downhill skateboarding as well. You can find great boards and wheels from this brand, that quickly became favorite among riders all over the world. Try Powell Peralta Snakes, for unmatched slide and durability!

Powell Peralta Flight deck is the right choice, if you break your boards often, or if you are looking for that extra durability. Thanks to unique construction with fiberglass and epoxy, flight decks perform better for a longer period of time. Check the Andy Anderson Pro-model, which quickly became favorite for riders all over the world, thanks to a very well thought through shape.

And we got some fresh Powell Peralta T-shirts and Powell Peralta hoodies in stock also, carrying the timeless graphics like a Powell Peralta Ripper or Powell Peralta Skull and Sword, to match up with your Powell Peralta deck.

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