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Magenta makes sure that their skateboards are of good quality and thinks about every step of the process, from the idea to the production to the shipment.


The founders of Magenta Skateboards are originally from Bordeaux, France. The label was founded in 2010 by three best friends/skaters: Soy Panday, Vivien Feil and Jean Feil.

The brand itself was founded in Paris. Their goal was to make the skateboard scene more creative and versatile than ever before. Since then, the brand has become popular in many more countries through collaborations with brands such as Adidas. Soy Panday is responsible for the art direction of the brand and the very stylish graphics. The two Feil brothers take care of the business side of things.


The Magenta skate team consists of Ben Gore, Leo Valls, Jimmy Lannon, Koichiro Uehara, Zach Lyons, Soy Panday and Vivien Feil.


All of the label's skateboards are made in the world-famous Generator Woodshop in the US, where many famous skateboard manufacturers work together. Magenta uses the classic 7-ply maple from the best Canadian wood. Magenta's logo - a six-leaf plant - stands for freedom and organic origin, as well as the fact that it doesn't matter what cultural background you have. Skateboarding unites and compensates for the differences, that is what makes everything a whole.

At Sickboards, we sell decks, wheels but also streetwear from the brand Magenta.

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