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High quality performance longboards for downhill, freeride, dancing and freestyle handcrafted in Poland, Europe. When cooking food, it is important to choose fresh ingredients from a trusted source. Even if the smallest ingredient is of poor quality, it may result in a poor tasting meal. At Alternative they follow a similar principle when creating their longboards. Their main goal is to ensure complete satisfaction and a pleasurable ride. Therefore, they only use materials of the highest quality, and do not save on ‘'the spices'' to create the best functionality and performance in their products.


Alternative Longboards was founded in 2011. Since the beginning the founders wanted to bring something new to the table using the best technologies and materials. They also cooperate with artists in order to create fresh and unique graphics for each collection.


Alternative has a pro team that tests all their new materials and technologies used in their boards in order to ensure that they improve each year and always surprise with new tech solutions.


At Sickboards we sell various products from Alternative, take a look and buy your high quality deck!

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