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GRIZZLY Griptape: Creative Graphics and Convincing Quality

The Story of GRIZZLY: How a Baking Mold Led to Success

GRIZZLY was founded in 2001 by Torey Pudwill. The name and logo were created by chance when Pudwill was producing skate wax using a bear-shaped baking mold in his teenage years. Shortly thereafter, the first Grizzly Griptapes followed, which quickly established themselves in the skate scene. Today, GRIZZLY is an internationally recognized brand known for its creative designs and high-quality products.

Creative Designs on Hardware and Streetwear - from GRIZZLY Grip

GRIZZLY is known for its creative and vibrant graphics. We are proud to offer a wide range of products, including skateboards, bearings, and a selection of streetwear such as t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and backpacks. However, the main focus is on GRIZZLY Griptapes with flashy designs and colors ranging from bold tie-dye styles to simple black with a subtle bear logo.

How GRIZZLY Promotes Environmental Protection with Every Purchase

As a partner of the sustainability initiative 'ONE TREE PLANTED', GRIZZLY is committed to planting a tree for every item sold. 'ONE TREE PLANTED' is one of the largest reforestation projects and works to reduce the carbon footprint of companies and promote forest conservation worldwide. By purchasing GRIZZLY products, you are not only supporting the skate scene but also environmental protection.

Fresh Grip for Your Skateboard - Discover Our Large GRIZZLY Assortment

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