Indo Board Balance Surf Trainer 

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Surfing and skating require a lot of muscles, but how does one maintain it during days with bad weather? This is where Indo boards come in. Loved by sportsmen from all fields, Indo Boards are excellent for improving your balance, leg, and core strength, as well as just for having a good time!


Indo Board founder, Hunter Joslin, has always been fascinated with balance. The surfing boom of the 60’s hit Hunter full tilt in 1965. When he had the chance to go to the beach he did to pursue the innermost limits of pure fun. At age 16 he had his first introduction to a homemade balance board. He became obsessed with practicing on the board. Hunter would ride on the balance board every night after swim team practice while doing his homework. The results were evident in his surfing when he was able to ride a surfboard better than most of his friends who were spending much more time in the water.


At Sickboards we sell various Indo Boards with different kinds of graphics and shapes. Pick your favorite before they are sold out!

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