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Toy Machine: The legendary skateboard brand with unique designs

Toy Machine was founded in 1993 by skateboarding legend Ed Templeton. With a passionate dedication to skateboarding and art, he created a brand known for its unique and creative graphics. Over the years, Toy Machine has evolved into a globally recognized skateboard brand, renowned for its high-quality decks with creative logos.

Toy Machine: High-quality skateboard products with unique graphics

Toy Machine offers a wide range of top-quality skateboard products. Their decks are known for their durability and excellent performance, catering to both beginners and experienced skaters. The distinctive graphics, such as the one-eyed Sect or the devilish horned monster, shape the brand image of Toy Machine.

In addition to premium decks and completes, Toy Machine also provides high-quality wheels, wax, and streetwear to ensure the ultimate skateboarding experience. Explore the extensive range of Toy Machine products in our online skate shop and experience the perfect combination of style and quality.

Ed Templeton creates a unique fusion of skateboarding and art

Ed Templeton is an outstanding skater and artist who receives great recognition in both the skateboarding and art world. His versatile artworks, including painting, drawing, and photography, are strongly inspired by skateboarding culture and the urban street scene. With his unique style, he skillfully captures the atmosphere and emotions of skateboarding, creating impressive artworks admired in prestigious galleries as well as on skateboard decks.

As the founder of the renowned Toy Machine brand, Ed Templeton has not only created a platform for young talents but also actively contributed to the promotion of the skate community. Through his countless skate videos, he inspires skaters worldwide and significantly influences the development of the skate scene. Discover the unique connection between skateboarding and art in Ed Templeton's works and be captivated by his creative endeavors.

High-quality skateboards with fantastic graphics: Discover Toy Machine in our online shop!

Discover high-quality skateboards with fantastic graphics from Toy Machine. Browse through our extensive range of top-notch products in our online shop. Benefit from our reliable shipping and receive your new board in just a few days. In case of any dissatisfaction, we offer a hassle-free return option. Don't miss the opportunity to subscribe to our newsletter and stay informed about new products and exclusive offers. Click through our online shop now and find the perfect Toy Machine product for your next skate session!

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