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Here is a fun little skate trivia for you: Bennett made skateboard history by introducing the very first trucks made specifically for skateboards. Quite neat, right?

Known for their Big Red Bushings™, precision components and amazing turning ability, Bennett Truks™ quickly became the choice of most professional and amateur skateboarders.

With superior geometry enabling hard carving and tight snappy turns, Bennett's 70s issues are still on the cutting edge of performance.


In 1975, Mr. Bennett revolutionized the skate world by creating trucks specifically made for skateboards. Over the years, many have tried to copy Bennetts ingenious design, but no one has managed to create the same feel or performance of the original truck itself.


We understand that after all this, there is no other choice than to buy a pair and test out the hype! Do not worry, we have the trucks and bushings for you.

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