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A wheel is not just a wheel, and Bones highlights the importance of this statement. The brand provides one of the most popular and best performing wheels and bushings on the market today. Their reliable wheels offer durability, performance and quality. 

Besides their beloved wheels, Bones also offers the bearings holy grale, Bones Reds and Swiss. Regardless of your skate level or style, the Bones bearings are unmatched.

You can always rely on Bones products!


In 1977 in Santa Barbara California, George Powell founded the skate staple company, Bones. What began as a science project in his kitchen, led to a rigorous development in the skate community. George Powell composed a recipe, which with it’s white and cream hue reminded him of Bones. This became the wheel we all know and love today. 

George Powell changed the game with his new design of wheels, where instead of having the traditionally flat-backed wheels, he made them curved on the sides. This prevented the item from wearing down faster. Now, this shape of wheel is considered an “industry staple”. 


The bones may come at a slightly higher price point, but the quality justifies it. They are made to last, and you will notice the quality when you try them. This will be the smoothest ride of your life. 

All formulas and manufacturing is done in their own plant located in Ventura California. Each formula is exposed to different testing and careful engineering. 


You can be sure that with Bones, everything under your deck will run smoothly. Sickboards carry anything from the brand that you could need such as wheels, bushings, speed cream, bearings, spacers, hardware, tools and good-looking clothes and bags. What more could a happy skater ask for?

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