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Bones wheels gained their popularity is largely because of superior quality, performance, and durability. 

Bones is also the brand that came with skate rated bearings. These bearings are specifically made to withstand abuse from skaters. If you are looking for great bearings tested by time, Bones Reds are always a great choice. If you want bearings that will go fast, take a look at Bones Ceramics, for the best your money can get you.

All Bones wheels unique formulas are solely developed and produced in their own manufacturing plant located in Santa Barbara, California. Using different urethanes, shapes and technologies have allowed bones to come with wheels for every type of skateboarding.

If you are street type make sure to check out the Bones STF (Street Tech Formula). If you want to polish your old-school deck, take a look at Rat-Bones as these wheels were used back then. For everyone looking to cruise on their standard skateboard, we can recommend the ATF Wheels, with all-terrain formula ready to conquer any terrain in front of you. Rocks, gravel, tiles, if you can walk on it there is a good chance these wheels will roll on it.

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