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Bones Wheels is a renowned skateboard brand founded by George Powell in Santa Barbara, California in 1977. From the beginning, Bones Wheels has been known for its groundbreaking innovations in the skateboarding community. George Powell developed a unique urethane recipe that resembled bone with its creamy white color. The distinctive rounded wheel design of Bones Wheels quickly became the industry standard, offering outstanding performance.

Over the years, Bones Wheels has continuously evolved and become a leader in introducing innovative technologies to provide skaters worldwide with the best possible performance. Thanks to their tireless innovation and commitment to the highest quality, Bones Wheels products have secured a prominent place in skateboarding history.

Bones Wheels - High-Quality Skateboard Wheels for Beginners, Professionals, and Everyone In Between

Bones Wheels offers a wide selection of high-quality skateboard wheels and bushings that are popular among both beginners and professionals. Our wheels are characterized by exceptional durability, superior performance, and impressive quality. With our various urethane blends, you can experience a smooth riding experience regardless of the terrain.

If you're a street skater, we recommend our STF Wheels. They provide an ideal balance between slide and grip properties and are highly resistant to flatspots.

For action-packed skatepark sessions, our SPF Wheels are the perfect choice. Their extreme durability, high speed, and superior hardness ensure unparalleled fun on smooth surfaces.

If you skate on a variety of terrains, our All Terrain Formula Wheels are the right choice. With their soft composition, they offer optimal grip, even on rough asphalt roads.

The X-Formula Wheels combine the strengths of different types of wheels. They glide smoothly on uneven streets while enabling impressive slides like a pro. Thanks to their cushioning properties, you'll land softly and safely after jumps and tricks.

Discover our 100's OG Wheels, which offer solid performance at an affordable price. With their reliable urethane blend, they roll smoothly and last long.

In addition to our popular wheels, we also offer high-quality Bones Reds and Bones Swiss bearings. These bearings are unmatched in their quality. Whether you're a beginner, an experienced skateboarder, or a professional, with Bones Wheels, you can be sure that everything runs smoothly under your deck.

Bones Wheels: Premium Quality and Unbeatable Performance for Skateboarders

Bones Wheels not only impress with their outstanding quality but also offer unbeatable performance. Although they may come at a slightly higher price, they are worth every penny due to their exceptional durability. As a leading manufacturer of skateboard wheels, Bones invests in the development of innovative formulas and relies on top-notch manufacturing processes. The company's own factory in Ventura, California serves as a production facility where each formula undergoes rigorous testing and inspection. This ensures that we consistently offer the best wheels on the market.

High-Quality Skateboard Wheels from Bones- Explore Our Range in the Online Shop!

With Bones Wheels, you'll receive high-quality skateboard wheels that meet your demands. Explore our extensive range of premium products in our online shop. Benefit from our reliable shipping, ensuring you quickly receive your new wheels. And if you're ever not satisfied, we offer a hassle-free return policy. Don't miss the chance to subscribe to our newsletter and stay updated on new products and exclusive offers. Click through our online shop now and find the perfect Bones Wheels for your skateboarding experience!

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