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Bossa Boards designs develop and manufacture longboard skateboards of high quality and performance. Since 2010 Bossa Boards offer boards that add the beauty of the bamboo to the robustness and flexibility of composites, resulting in skateboards that provide unforgettable rides.


It all started on a warm Sunday afternoon in Ipanema. The sun was going down and the beachgoers were thinning out…

But the day was not over yet. Perfect time for a longboard ride along the coast. Inspired by a combination of good things together: music on the headset, flip flops off, riding barefoot on the board pumping downwind, and enjoying the whole scenario.

Carioca culture and the natural atmosphere of Rio de Janeiro, inspired the Bossa boys through these elements to create boards that make you feel the soul of the carioca lifestyle.

They came up with a variety of boards that fit all riding styles and offer you a little taste of Rio: Precisely engineered decks, with the natural beauty of bare bamboo and cool swagger from bossa nova.


If you are seeking your next Bossa board, look no further! We have all types of longboard decks in every imaginable size.

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