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Madness is super technical and the skateboards feature cool graphics.

The Brand

The Dwindle Distribution brand offers a wide selection of shaped skateboard decks with intense graphics. Dwindle Distribution's own wood factory makes it easy for the brand to create new shapes and concaves that are perfect for the needs of all pole, vert & transition skaters.


The two skate legends Steve "Bod Boyle" Douglas and Bill Weiss selected a handful of skaters for the Madness team. For Madness they brought Sam Beckett, Alex Perelson, Clay Kreiner and Jack Fardell on board. The boys are not only teammates but they also almost all live together. The videos; 'Mentally Well' or 'Foolish Behavior', are super sick to watch.


Madness decks feature relief graphics and different depths of concave. The technology used for the production is called Dwindle's Single Deck Press. And the decks come in a wide range of unique shapes, either modern popsicle or 80's reissue decks. Besides the skateboard decks, Madness also produces grip tapes and rails.

If you are looking for a super technical deck with sick graphics, then these decks are made for you!

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