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Epic Balance Boards wood wooden

If you are looking for perfect cross-training, Epic balance board will be great company for your training. Balance boards are used across the whole world by many athletes, either it is surfing, snow sports, skating, fitness, or cycling. Or just for fun! 

Epic Balance Boards feature a couple of different balance board series. Nature series is representing the idea of this brand, which is Nature is where it all began. Unique shapes and graphics were crafted to bring you as much joy as possible. 

Wood series shows the appreciation to the mother planet and they are 100% recyclable, they represent the balance between people and nature. 

Retro series stands for the creators who have been born in the late 80s and wanted to give props to this epic age of time. 

The Fitness series is dedicated to active lifestyle lovers and they help you to move your workouts to another level.

Rocker series is more for those who love tricks, like shovit. This is for all the freaks that won't get enough just with classic balance boarding. 

Freestyle series represents the most unique Epic Balance board designed. Challenging even for pro balancers provides infinite possibilities for your moves. 

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