Mounting of Trucks

Deck Length (cm)

78 cm - 150 cm

Deck Length (inch)

30 " - 44 "


€99.00 - €356.00


Downhill / Freeride Completes

You can find the best downhill longboards for beginners on our site! And not only for beginners, but these boards are also designed in a way, that allows you to take them off the shelf and go straight to riding hills, and killing wheels.

For freeride, our staff recommends boards that are top-mounted, maybe even with a kicktail to give you more possibilities what to do with the board.

Our favorites are Moonshine Outlaw, Landyachtz Cheesegrater, Loaded Overland, and Original Arbiter

For beginners that want to go fast, we recommend double dropped or dropped down decks, that will offer you a little bit of that extra stability, that you will appreciate while building your confidence to go faster!

One of the classics is Landyachtz EvoLandyachtz Switchblade will also do the job, as both of these decks dominated podiums of downhill events in the past. If you want to have more control over your slides and more responsibility to your turns, you should pick Top-mounted speed board, such as Landyachtz Osteon or Omen Max Ballesteros

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Downhill / Freeride Completes

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