Mounting of Trucks


Deck Length (cm)

66 cm - 107 cm

Deck Length (inch)

26 " - 42 "


€90.00 - €198.00


Long Distance (LDP) decks

Long-distance push is one of the more athletic disciplines of longboarding. There are competition held, such as ultraskate, with skaters skating more than 150 miles in a day! If you are looking for a board, that is great for smoothly riding through your city, on bicycle paths or to push your limits on, you can find them here.

Some of the boards in this section are made with more experienced LDP people in mind, such boards are only platforms, which you then set up with brackets and trucks, specifically designed for Long distance longboards.

Usually, these boards are ultra-low, and you set them up with great big wheels, which will help you with maintaining speed. Also if you are already aiming for long distances, we recommend going for ceramic bearings, as they will roll longer and faster than standard bearings.

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Long Distance (LDP) decks

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