Hybrid Decks Longboard, Skateboard, Double Kick

If you are looking for one board to do it all, look no further. You can buy longboards at sickboards, that are considered quiver killers. Freeride, downhill, cruise to the shop or pump track? No worries, these boards can and will handle all the situations you will throw them into.

Hybrid boards have some beautiful attributes, one of them is they are really made to do it all, so choosing the right components, you can really customize them precisely for what you are looking for in a skateboard. Doesn't matter if its high-speed standies or technical sliding through sidewalk curves, with the right trucks and wheels, these boards will handle it with ease.

Set these boards with traditional kingpin trucks for quicker turns and easier grinds, or with longboard trucks for more stability and true carving feel.

Put on wheels around 66mm to allow you to do it all with ease. Faster acceleration, easier slide initiation and lighter weight for easier ollies.

Our favorite boards from this category are:

Loaded Overland - Great deck to do it all on. Put on your longboard trucks, and take it down the hill while doing massive slides, or put on skate trucks and conquer your local park. Awesome bamboo/fiberglass construction makes this board light and durable.

Bustin YoFace! - Bustin YoFace! It is a bigger popsicle, with more durable construction. This board will work great with standard TKP trucks and soft wheels and will unlock you new spots on your daily cruises. Brick bank that you couldn't hit with hard wheels? It is now a wave that you can surf daily. Also the nice soothing sound of soft wheels, you will feel like flying on magic carpet. 

The trucks we recommend with hybrids boards for TKP's are Paris Street, Polar Bears and Independents.

For Reverse Kingpin trucks, Paris, Caliber and Bear are always a safe bet.

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