Mounting of Trucks

Drop in Deck

Deck Length (cm)

98 cm - 142 cm

Deck Length (inch)

38 " - 49 "


€113.00 - €386.00


Dancer / Freestyle Completes

We have a wide collection of freestyle and dance longboards for you to buy. Ranging from straight forward maple boards to highly sophisticated boards with urethane sidewalls, hollow core and/or composite constructions. If you want a buy a complete but you can only find the deck, please add the setup you want and we can make it a complete for you. As always, if need some advice, feel free to contact us. We carry brands most of the best brands around, ranging from the locally produced high-performance boards from Timber to other European brands like Bastl and Alternative as well as American made boards from Rayne and Loaded.

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Dancer / Freestyle Completes

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