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Freestyle and Dancing is a way of riding your longboard with grace. It does not matter if you want to do nice cross-steps and move around on your board, or if you want to flip your board in every direction you can imagine, these completes are built with movement in mind. You will usually find two kicktails, that will help you with manuals and tricks, at the same time most of the completes have turny trucks, great for deep carves. The dancers usually use smaller wheels, that accelerate faster, and shave a bit of weight, which in the end helps with tricks.

We have a wide collection of freestyle and dancing longboards for you to buy. Ranging from straightforward maple boards to highly sophisticated boards with urethane sidewalls, hollow core, and/or composite constructions. If you want a buy a complete but you can only find the deck, please add the setup you want and we can make it complete for you. As always, if need some advice, feel free to contact us. We carry brands most of the best brands around, ranging from the locally produced high-performance boards from Timber to other European brands like Bastl and Alternative as well as American-made boards from Rayne and Loaded.

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