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Hybrids usually are all-terrain vehicles, boards that can handle any terrain you put in front of them. Boards from this category can be called quiver killers, as you don't need any more boards, to have fun on. Perfect for pumptracks, hills, or slide spot, these boards will not disappoint.

Usually equipped with at least one kicktail, these boards offer true versatility, and it doesn't matter, whether you want to cruise the city, freeride your local hill, or spend some time in the skatepark, these boards are designed to perform in any situation.

Usually, these boards are equipped with smaller wheels, making it easier to ollie and initiate slides.

Buy one board, enjoy all the terrain!

Some of our favorites from this category are:

Landyachtz ATV, Loaded Omakase, Loaded OverlandArbor Axell Serrat Pro

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