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TKP's (Traditional Kingpin), are usually used on smaller longboards, where you want your trucks to be lighter, and faster responding.

You can also use them for some bigger single kick or double-kick decks, which will make the performance in the park and streets better, with sacrificing a bit of that nice carve and stability. However, you can always get more stability by choosing the right bushings, in the same fashion, you can make the truck more carvy.

Each brand that we sell has its own pros and cons. From our experience, 

Paris street - Tall trucks, that are really good for cruiser boards and LDP pushers. You can run pretty big soft wheels with no worries about wheel bite.

Polar Bear - These trucks are awesome, stable even with higher speed, grinds perfectly and lasts for a long time. The Polar Bear Tall will work greatly with bigger softer wheels.

The smaller 85mm version, together with Fattie Hawgs, will make any small cruiser ride like on clouds.

Grindking - Legendary trucks that were made with one thing in mind, GRINDING. Put them on that Slappy board! Inverted kingpin to make your grinds last longer. Made in Venice. Tested with time. 

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