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The royal category of longboarding downhill is constantly evolving. From super stable, double dropped decks that were 40 inches long, to the ultra-narrow, short speed boards that you can find on race track now, we have the whole spectrum of boards you can take down the hills. And you can buy the best downhill boards on our site!

For beginners, we recommend boards with longer wheelbase and drop, such as legendary Evo or Switchblade from Landyachtz. These will allow you to go fast with no sacrifice to stability. Other boards that will work great are just simple top mount boards, that will not push you to choose your stance, rather let you find your own. A board like this is, for example, Rocket Longboards Roton, a great longer wheelbase board, with a kicktail. Also, Moonshine Hooch with its big standing platform will allow you to choose the best foot positioning for you. 

If you are looking for a great board to freeride and slide, some of the best boards to do that are simple topmounts, or topmounts with kicktail, to add a little bit more versatility to your ride. Byron Essert Pro Model from Powell Peralta, Rocket Domination or Prism Reaver are excellent boards to take down any downhill run and have the most fun.

Racing is your cup of tea? Go and grab one of the many champions boards we carry, such as Rocket Mini HaadesPantheon Chiller or Emily Pross Pro. These boards will perform best with narrow trucks and big wheels, making these boards perfect for taking the fastest lines. 

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