Mounting of Trucks

Deck Length (cm)

66 cm - 150 cm

Deck Length (inch)

26 " - 47 "


€61.00 - €310.00


Deck Width (cm)

17 cm - 29 cm

Deck Width (inch)

7 " - 14 "

Beginner Completes

Beginners Longboards

Buying a beginner longboard

Sickboardshop has been and still is the European longboard shop for over a decade. We most likely have the biggest selection of longboards in the world with over 900 completes and 800 decks. We offer the best brands, like LandyachtzLoadedMadridOriginalGlobe to name but a few. If you are looking to buy a longboard for a beginner, you have come to the right place. We have got you covered. We have cheap longboard completes, longboards for kids but also boards that are especially suited for beginners.Please reach out if you need a hand selecting the board that fit your needs. You can reach us by chat, email or the phone, better yet we can give you a personal advice, if you are in the Netherlands, do and visit our shop it is worth the journey. Or start with our buyer's guide.

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Beginner Completes

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