Buying a skateboard

Welcome to Sickboards. Are you looking for quality skateboarding gear? We’ve got you covered. Sickboards has been providing an increasing selection of quality skateboards, skateboarding accessories, and skateboard completes for 10+ years. We’ve grown from a small college flat in Den Haag into a large warehouse boosting 10,000 different skateboarding products. This is all possible because we keep the health and sustainability of skateboarding a core part of our philosophy. We have a skatepark in our warehouse, and support skateboarding events of every level across Europe.

Buying a skateboard can easily be done in our webshop. Sickboards offers a large assortment of skateboard goods, whether you only need a deck, trucks, wheels, or a complete pre-assembled skateboard. We offer brands like Alien Workshop, Enjoi, AlmostMagenta, Element, Globe, Creature, Madrid, Plan B, Primitive, Powell-PeraltaSanta Cruz and Toy Machine. In our online shop you will find everything related to skateboarding.

Are you new in skateboarding and are you asking yourself what suits you best as a beginner? Or are you riding the same set-up for years and you fancy something new? You might need a little help. Our team of specialists is happy to help you further. Contact us and we will walk you through everything you need to know and help you to make the right decisions to find the skateboard that suits you best. Also, have a look at our Buyer’s Guide to learn what is important and get a push in the right direction when you are buying your new skateboard.

If you are a beginner or if you are looking for a skateboard for a kid, we recommend you to go for a complete pre-assembled skateboard. This is often cheaper and you get all the parts you need, perfectly matching together and from the same quality as parts offered separately in our shop. So after doing a little research, you can’t go wrong. The complete setup is pre-mounted and will be ready to skate right after you unpack your new purchase!

As soon as you have a little more experience in skateboarding, you know better what you want and what your preferences are. It’s time to assemble your own custom setup. Parts you will need a deck, two trucks, four wheels, two bearings per wheel (eight total), a set of nuts and bolts and griptape (free sheet with purchase of a deck).
Looking for a skateboard for a kid? It’s never too soon to start learning so we also offer completes especially suitable for kids. These are shorter, narrower and more manoeuvrable. 

Regular skateboard decks are usually around 80 cm long and differ in width, shape and material. In terms of size, you usually choose your deck according to its width. When selecting skateboard trucks, the width of your truck axle should match the width of your skateboard deck. Wheels differ in size, hardness, durability and colour. The diameter and durometer of the wheel affect the way the board rides.  

Have a look at our Buyer's Guide for general guidelines on how to choose your setup. Want personal assistance? Contact us or visit our shop. We are happy to help you.