Which skateboard should I buy? Skateboards for beginners.

For beginners, we recommend buying a complete deck and upgrading parts from there as you get better. A complete deck is all you need to get started. Buy it and go skate! completes often come with softer wheels, which makes riding a little more comfortable and easier. 

As a beginner, you should pay particular attention to the width of the complete deck. 

 We recommend if you have a shoe size around 42 to go for an 8.0 deck.  If your shoe size is around 37, then a 7.5 is suitable. With a shoe size of 45+, 8.5 is the best to start with. (It is normal if your feet are wider than the deck) For children under 12, there are also special children's decks available, which are smaller called Mini or micro. 

But for personal advice, it's better to stop by the shop (Maanweg 24 The hague in the Netherlands) or contact or customer servers.