General Questions

FAQ sickboards

30mm: If you have a 7-ply board and use 1/8" risers

40mm: If you have a 7-ply board and use 1/4" or 1/2" risers

50mm: If you have a 9-ply+ board and use 1/2" risers

Yes, everything you see online is available in shop to see and try. 

(Maanweg 242516 AA Den Haag)

WF stands for Wharehouse Finds. This means that the product has a defect. For example, it may be slightly damaged, discoloured or wrapped. That is why it is sold with a discount. In the description, it says what is the defective with the product. 

All WF Products.

Yes, The prices are for 4 wheels.  In exceptional cases it will be indicated if it is 2.