How to measure your size for protection. (head/knee/elbow/wrist)

Use a soft measuring tape or string and pencil which you can then measure with a tape measure.

With all protection on the right-hand side is a "View size chart" button, by clicking this you can see which size fits your circumference.

What is my helm size?

For a Helmet

Measure your head circumference, just above the eyebrows.

What size wrist gard do i need?

For Wrist protection

Measure the circumference of your hand palm

What size knee protection do i need?

For knee protection

Measure the circumference around your kneecap

What size do i need for elbow protection?

For the Elbow Protection

Measure the circumference around your elbow joint

Pads may be tight when you first put them on right out of the box. Give it a few sessions and it will form and
fit similar like shoes.