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Thrasher is the central source for what happens in the skate world. Created by two skaters, they aimed to establish an outlet for everyone in the community. Thrasher is not only a well known magazine and a source of knowledge of the latest within the skate scene, but they also sell clothes and other skate accessories.


The two best friends Fuasto Bitello and Eric Swenson met in the US Army Reserve and bonded over their love for punk music and motorbikes. After their service, they retained their passion for everything out of the box and started skating together. The two aspired to create a space where the outsiders and skaters could flourish and connect, and thus Thrasher Magazine was created. They have since stood behind many famous slogans such as “Skate and Destroy” and many more skate events which are ongoing until today.


Are you looking to join in on the lifestyle that is Thrasher? Look no further! We have it all here! We have their latest magazines, their t-shirts, hoodies, clothes, stickers and other knick knacks.

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