Longboard Larry Pusher 2.0 - Deck Only

Length: 102.5 cm / 40.5", Width: 24.5 cm / 9.75", Wheelbase: 81.3 cm / 32"

Longboard Larry Pusher 2.0

Going for distance or just down the block. This boards was designed with distance in mind. Flat base with radial concave in 8 or 9 ply maple. Super low for pushing ease and a feel that goes a long way for every push. Tested over time in many push races, long distance rides, and long treks on skate decks, even manage hills on this big drop platform. Enjoy!

Length: 102.5 cm / 40.5"
Width: 24.5 cm / 9.75"
Wheelbase: 81.3 cm / 32"
Drop: 5 cm / 2.0"

Gripped: No

In Stock: online and in our shop in The Hague


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Perfect deck!!!

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.. Great deck and I make one quad-cruiser all around with vicius grip, original trucks s10 (black spring) (add. special riser pad soft hand made with atopic soles 4mm), abec11 centrax 83 mm lime 80a,rad premium bearings... Sure if you are s10 truck lover!... super cruising carving with her little flex (deck 8 ply).. and thanks SICK!!.. for give to me oprtunity of roll with Larry!! :relaxed:? Thanks a lot!!

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Looking for a flying carpet or just an awesome long distance board, this is it :-)

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After receiving the board, I set it up with my Bolzen 50? 180mm trucks, Orangatang 80mm Kegel and Oust moc 9 airr bearings and did a short 20km ride with some ups and downs across the country side near from where I live and what can I say?
It feels just like a flying carpet and I am looking forward to warmer days, so I can do some long distance riding.
The flex is just perfect and with loose bearings it even gives you a little surf feeling.
The guys from sickboards were very helpfull in the process of buying the board and recommended to take the topmounted version vs. the dropthrough, that I had originally ordered, because the 80mm Kegel are to small for the drop through board.
I can't really imagine that any wheelsize, you can buy on the market, will get you a wheelbite with this board. It's just amazing and rides so smooth with this setup now.
Definitely worth the price!
I am totally happy with it and can highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a serious long distance pusher.

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Do you want long-distance?

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Best long-distance deck out there. Little bit of flex but in a way that it absorbes the road vibrations. Currently running it with Paris v2 180mm, 76mn 81a Flywheels and zealous bearings. Only downside is the price. After riding it for a while you notice that it is totally justified though.

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super good board

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The best board i ever had for long distance, light, perfekt Flex.

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