Cadillac Cruiser 70mm Wielen

Cadillac Cruiser 70mm - 80A

Our Description:

Another 70mm cruiser shape wheel from Cadillac, but this one in a more updated cruise / grip oriented style. This wheel comes in a variety of colors to suit your ideal set-up, and you can rest assured on Cadillac's history of fast rolling urethane and wheels. This wheel has a bit more flex than the other 70mm Cadillac wheels for more grip.

Cadillac Cruiser 70mm Wheels

When we designed the shape for the Cadillac 70mm-78a cruiser our team, had one thing on their mind: making a wheel for cruising, carving, and gripping the street--day and night. We believe our team achieved this goal by bringing the Cadillac 70mm to the streets and making the name one of the most recognizable names in skateboarding today. Designed with a smooth ride finish, a wider riding surface for stability, a high performance urethane hub, and a slight offset design, we believe that this wheel is the perfect cruising wheel for all ages.

Diameter: 70 mm.

Durometer: 80A

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