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When you start skateboarding it can be a challenge to find the different parts together. Therefore, the big advantage of buying complete skateboards is that all parts are already coordinated with each other. It's just a matter of the right size, and of course which one looks best! Below we tell you how to find the right size.

Complete skateboard or put it together yourself?

When you are going to buy a complete skateboard, it is important that the parts fit together. The width of your trucks, for example, depends on the width of your skateboard deck. It can be quite difficult to find the right sizes of parts together and that is why we offer complete skateboards. Not only do you don't have to find the parts together, it is a lot cheaper to buy a complete skateboard! Ideal when you start skating or if you are looking for a nice gift.      

Which size skateboard fits me? 

There are two ways to choose a complete skateboard. The first is to look at your shoe size. The bigger your shoe size, the wider the skateboard should be. If your skateboard is wider than your shoes it can be difficult to manoeuvre and if your skateboard is too narrow it can feel very wobbly.

The second way is to look at the length of the rider. The length of your skateboard is linked to the width of the skateboard. The longer the rider, the longer the skateboard. Compared to the width, the length of your skateboard completely plays a smaller role. 

The deck of the complete skateboard should not be much longer than your legs. This gives you more control over your skateboard in the beginning.  

Skateboard width based on shoe size and length

If you have a shoe size of 40, choose a skateboard of 8.0" wide, for example. Skaters with shoe size 44 are better off with a skateboard of 8.25" and if you have a size 46 then choose for example a skateboard of 8.5".

Choose skateboard decks based on your height

Example: If you are 160 cm tall, we recommend a skateboard length of 31.5″ - 31.875″. For a height of 170 cm we recommend 31.75″ - 32.00″ long skateboards and for 180 cm we recommend 31.875″ - 32.25″ long complete boards, etc.

Kids skateboard completes

  • 100cm micro 27.2"
  • 130cm mini 28"
  • 160cm mid 29"

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