Orangatang In Heat 75mm Ruote
  • Orangatang In Heat 75mm Ruote
  • Orangatang In Heat 75mm Ruote

Orangatang In Heat 75mm Ruote

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Made with HappyThane formula, these Ruote will make you smile. Fast roll speed, sticky, and once worn down they can drift very predictable.

Diametro: 75mm
Durometro: 77A (Blue) / 80A (Orange) / 83A (Purple) / 86A (Yellow)
Larghezza: 56mm
Contact patch: 56mm
Core position: Offset
Usage: Downhill, Cruise, LDP
Edge shape: Square

  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Purple
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The Orangatang In-Heat is a phenomenal wheel for high grip applications. This wheel is perfect for your Loaded board, or for a board that you want high roll speed and grip. The 80a orange has a ton of grip at first, but if you break the skin it will slide super smooth on DH runs, and was the racing wheel of choice for many years. The purple 83a is quite a bit more durable than the orange and offers nearly as much grip, but with more chalky wear to it that you can rely on to last longer. The yellow in 86a has a super high roll speed, especially on smooth pavements, and has a smooth in and out grip when sliding. You can use any of the duros as a carving or grip wheel for your cruiser, or you can put them to the test on your favorite downhill run, this wheel kills it!

Orangatang In Heat

75mm tall with a Contact patch (width of wheel in contact with the ground) of 56mm and a Durometer (urethane hardness) of 77a, 80a or 83a or 86a. These wheels are intended for grippy, hard carving, pumping, and speed. They will slide when broken in. The In Heat features an offset design, with hard sharp edges for grip, thick lips for maintaining speed, and rippled inner walls for progressive energy return.


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Da Patryk Banasiak | 2021-02-09 12:27:15

Ik heb deze wielen voor mezelf ooit gekocht. En wil ze nu cadeau doen voor iemand maar weet even niet meer of dit een set van 4 is en het staat er niet bij. Is het een set van 4?


Hi, Jazeker! het is een set van 4. Thanks voor het bericht

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star star star star star

Best wheels ever

Best wheels for LDP: very soft and very fast.

star star star star star

My unique choice for wheels

If you want LDP stop and go wheels, these are the ones.
Not as fast as Kegel but better for twisty and mixed runs when you loose speed and need to gain it again fast. Excellent grip and durability

star star star star star_border

Good stuff

Very nice and grippy, great for a smooth ride

star star star star star


Awesome job

star star star star star

Great wheels

Great wheels for commuting. Sickboards are fast and reliable!