Kahuna Classic Big Stick
    • Kahuna Classic Big Stick
    • Kahuna Classic Big Stick
    • Kahuna Classic Big Stick

    Kahuna Classic Big Stick

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    Available sizes: 1.71m (5'6"), 1.83m (6') and 2.13m (7').

    Kahuna Big Stick

    The Kahuna Big Stick is designed to allow riders to smoothly "paddle" their way with big strokes on a longboard.

    The idea is to take a big stroke by beginning the stroke with a "pull" on the pavement and transition to a "push" so that you get a full stroke.
    Not only does the Kahuna Big Stick give a great upper body and cardiovascular workout, it helps save the knees and feet from the constant kick of pushing a longboard.

    Available sizes: 
    1.71m (5'6"), 1.83m (6') and 2.13m (7').

    Kahuna Big Stick Sizing:

    To size a Kahuna Big Stick, you want the handle of the stick to be between your chin and top of your forehead, while standing on a longboard. For most longboards the rider is going to about 3-4 in or 7.5-10.25 cm taller while standing on the longboard. Kahuna Creations longboard heights are listed in the description for each longboard.

    If a rider is 69 in (5’9”) or 175.25 cm standing on the ground, and their longboard is 3 in or 7.5 cm high, they will be about 72 in (6 ft) or 183 cm standing on the longboard.


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