Seismic Speed Vents DefCon 73mm Wheels
  • Seismic Speed Vents DefCon 73mm Wheels

Seismic Speed Vents DefCon 73mm Wheels


Diameter: 73mm, Urethane: DefCon, Durometer: 77a (Bubblegum), 78.5A (Mango), 81.5A (Mint)

  • Bubblegum
  • Mango
  • Mint
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Our Description: 
Seismic coming at you with a race oriented, but smaller wheel that has a ton of grip, fast roll speed (especially bubblegum), and tremendous durability. This wheel has been on top of lots of podiums, and can be applicable for cruising, carving, or DH racing.


73mm tall x 54mm wide Speed Vent Wheels.

Offset bearing seat, dual lip design.

Sold in sets of FOUR wheels.

Choose Defcon formula for explosive speed and rebound with smooth, predictable grip-to-slip. Please note this is a high performance formule, it is less durable than the BlackOps (if you don't need the maximum performance and want a more durable wheel, please go for the BlackOps formula.

The 73mm by 54mm Seismic Speed Vent is molded around our proprietary weight-saving Energy Conversion (EC) hub – arguably the most advanced hub on the market. The 73mm diameter gives it the roll speed of a larger wheel, while the weight-saving hub adds the quickness and agility of a smaller wheel, as well as enhanced rebound.

Combined with lips designed for pure grip, the Speed Vent is utterly unique among high-end wheels. Breakthrough performance for DH, GS, and beyond.

Durometer:  77a (Bubblegum), 78.5A (Mango), 81.5A (Mint)

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