Blood Orange Morgan Pro Midnight 65mm Rollen
    • Blood Orange Morgan Pro Midnight 65mm Rollen
    • Blood Orange Morgan Pro Midnight 65mm Rollen

    Blood Orange Morgan Pro Midnight 65mm Rollen

    84,95 €
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    Morgan Pro Series Midnight 65mm - 80a, 82a, 84a

    Morgan Pro Series Midnight Limited series

    80A (Midnight Green)

    82A (Maroon)

    84A (Navy)

    • Maroon/Black
    • Midnight Green/Black
    • Navy/Black
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    Our Description:

    Liam Morgan is famous for his freeriding skill and this is his wheel of choice for making it happen. The Midnight series is a limited edition set of colors that still offer the same legendary thane lines and smooth slides that you expect. This 65mm is Liam's go-to for freeriding.

    Blood Orange Morgan Pro Midnight 65mm Wheels

    The Look & Formula

    Straight from the brain of team rider Liam Morgan, one of the top freeride skaters in the world, we bring you 3 new shapes, with one bitchin' new look...

    In designing the LMF "Liam Morgan formula," Liam was looking for 3 things:

    1. A Sugary Slide

    - Nobody wants an icy wheel, nor do they want a grippy freeride wheel that chatters and bounces. This formula is all about the smooth, consistent and predictable (otherwise known as) "sugary slide".

    2. Long Thick Thane Lines

    - The urethane needed to paint long, thick, white thane lines on the pavement. Pros and groms alike, love to see thane lines and track their progression. This thane doesn't disappoint.

    3. Wheels to Cover Every Occasion

    - Liam's an all around skater, and he wanted wheels for everything he does, without sacrificing either of the first two requirements.

    Inside every wheel in the lineup is a big, wide "saddle core" which provides extra support to keep the wheel stable while sliding... giving you a longer more predictable slide.


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    Frage (1)

    Aus Tom Stevenson | 2021-01-09 11:35:36

    Hi I read somewhere the morgan pro midnight wheels were released in 2015, are they just now ending them or will they be back again next year?



    We don't have information about this series ending! We still do have them in stock!

    Thanks for reaching out!

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    star star star star star

    Rides perfectly

    Exactly what I ordered, perfect condition, perfect fit. Recommend to anyone who wants them!~

        star star star star star_border


        Nice wheels and extremely smooth. Leave some beautiful thane lines when sliding fast! You recommend these for some fast freeride because they shed a lot of speed. Basically the same as the white 84a liam morgans, just in a cooler colour