Cult Emperor 71mm Ruote
  • Cult Emperor 71mm Ruote
  • Cult Emperor 71mm Ruote
  • Cult Emperor 71mm Ruote

Cult Emperor 71mm Ruote

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This grippier version of the Emperor is one of the best downhill freeride Ruote on the market today. Center set so you can flip it, smooth sliding urethane to make sliding easy, and a solid core/shape to ensure the best performance. Good luck wearing this wheel out, it's durable! Many riders choose this wheel for freeriding, or places like KnK with lots of drift turns.

Cult Emperor 71mm Ruote

A premium freeride wheel from Cult Wheels, "The Emperor" sits halfway between their Creator freeride wheel and the Rapture race wheel. Cast from Cult's all-new "Dopathane" in a mid-width freeride shape on a wide, stiff core, it was conceived by Jorge Pernes and with input from the rest of the Cult Team. Tested for months on hills all over Europe, you know this is going to be good....

The width gives a little more grip and braking power than the Creator, but not as much as the Rapture. The wide orange core supports the urethane, keeping the wheel rolling fast, adding an element of control and dramatically extending the life of the wheel. The handlebar has rounded edges to keep it smooth once it's broken in - it's worth noting that this handlebar isn't made of stone, so it's pretty grippy until you've skidded on it a few times.

In short, if you like going fast and sideways on wheels that feel great and last, this is a seriously good option!


Durometer: 78A
Diameter: 71 mm
Breedte: 53 mm
Contact patch: 50.5 mm



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Da best.

The best wheels I have ever owned! So smooth, fast and predictable especially in speed.

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this wheels are awesom!