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About Buck Trucks
Based in San Diego, California, Buck is a skateboard company that develops high performance longboard trucks for the growing longboarding culture. Their made-in-the-USA trucks are cast in a gravity feed permanent mold, which allows for precise detailing and fewer bare areas

Made with hardened aluminium, their trucks have the perfect amount of strength to weight ratio. Unlike other trucks that use a rolled thread on the axle, Buck Longboard Truck kingpins and axles are featured on a cut thread. Their barrel bushings use top and bottom washers for increased responsiveness and control. Buck also makes in-house molded “butter cup” pivot cups, which provide an extra slick and smooth ride. Because their trucks have a reversible hanger, riders can change the height of their skateboard deck from the surface. This results in superior wheel rotation and less chance for wheel bite. Made with fewer parts, Buck trucks are easier to repair and replace when necessary.

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