Orangatang Kegel 80mm Roues (set of 2)

Orangatang Kegel 80mm - 77a, 80a & 83a

Sold as a set of 2

Our Description:

The Kegel is a superb grip and speed wheel offered by Orangatang. If you have enough room to clear this 80mm wheel on your board you'll be rewarded with immense traction and grip on the track, and a relatively smooth slide as well (especially once broken in). This is Patrick Switzer's race wheel of choice, and has been the fastest wheel on the track many times! 

Orangatang Kegel 80mm Wheels

The Kegel is your ticket to high-speed steamroller action and the obliteration of a variety of small mammals. The large 80mm diameter generates high roll speeds while a moderate width of 56 mm allows for a versatile balance of traction and slide response. A cantilevered outer lip with a straight profile is pliable enough to hug the road for grip while also ensuring consistent performance as the wheel wears. The shorter inner lip features a subtle inward bevel for race-worthy traction and predictable drifts.

 A fully-exposed 46mm core with a deep “valley”-shaped cross section reduces weight while providing good acceleration, lots of momentum, and crisp slides. The Kegel is poured in our proprietary Happy Thane formula for high roll speed, excellent traction, and smooth, predictable drifts. Are you ready to stop dreaming and start living a success story?

Durometers: 77a (Blue), 80a (Orange), 83a (Purple)

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Amazing wheels!

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This is currently on my cruiser/LDP setup, and it's amazing. I regularly commute in my city, and it eats up awful pavement and roads like they're nothing. It rolls great, with a proper set of bearings it keeps momentum perfectly. Although not the cheapest set of wheels, I'd recommend it to anyone, they're worth it.

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real cool wheels for the city

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great ride every day )

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Excellent, smooth riding even on

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Excellent, smooth riding even on cobbles

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helemaal geweldig!

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zou je een foto willen sturen zo trots, alles goed geregeld al was mn bestelling ingewikkeld

vroeg om extra stickers kreeg een hele doos vol enorm dankbaar


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Het zijn de snelste wielen die ik tot nu toe heb gehad

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