Fairdale Skateboard Bike Rack
  • Fairdale Skateboard Bike Rack
  • Fairdale Skateboard Bike Rack

Fairdale Skateboard Bike Rack

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The Fairdale Skaterack is the simplest and easiest way to carry a skateboard on a bike. Now fits decks up to 9.25" wide!

Tool free attachment to most any rear rack and pairs perfectly with our Adjust-a-Rack. Skateboard drops into the plastic coated rack and is held securely by a stretch cord. Rack positions board behind rear axle to leave plenty of room for heel clearance.


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Aus Stefan | 2022-03-31 18:43:58

Hey there,
Does this bike rack also fit for longboards (mine is 44" x 9,2")?
Will it hold the board tight or be kind of loose due to the length?
Thanks and best regards,


it should work for longboards also the elastic band will keep it nicely in place

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fiets-rek / bike-rack for skateboard

Dit is een eenvoudige en veilige manier om je skateboard mee te nemen op je fiets naar het skatepark. Wat een goed idee ! Ik wou dat ik dit al veel vroeger had.
Hang het wel even vast met een slot aan de kader van je fiets, om diefstal tegen te gaan.

This is an easy and safe way to put your skateboard on your bike when going to the skatepark. What a great idea !
I wish I had this from the very start.
Best to attach it with a lock to your bike frame to protect it from theft.