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Abec11 Flashbacks 70mm Wheels

Abec11 Flashback 70mm - 75A, 78A, 81A, 84A

Our Description:

The Abec11 Flashback is actually Abec's oldest shape, and its best seller for many years. Being side-set means there is no inner lip to add traction to the wheel. Side-set wheels slide easier, but can cone quickly, but you can rotate them to take care of the coning. This wheel leaves TONS of urethane on the road and isn't all that durable, but it's such a classic feel and slide that it's totally worth it. Many freeriders choose this wheel and go super soft for leave the most 'thane on the road. Try it out in 75a or 78a and feel the buttery slides as you carve down even the mellowest hills. 

Abec11 Flashbacks 70 mm wheels

Abec11's legendary all-around longboard wheel. Extremely smooth and fast even on rough surfaces.

Diameter : 70 mm

Contact patch : 44 mm

Durometers : 75A / 78A / 81A / 84A



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