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Seismic Hot Spot 76mm Wielen
  • Seismic Hot Spot 76mm Wielen
  • Seismic Hot Spot 76mm Wielen

Seismic Hot Spot 76mm Wielen

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Duro's: Orange (77A), Blue (80A), Red Elixer (82A), Purple (83A)

  • Blauw
  • Oranje
  • Purple/Blue
  • Purple/Yellow
  • Rood
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Our Description:
The Seismic HotSpot has been a long standing performer in slalom and DH, and this newest version aimed at DH racing is better than ever. This is the wheel of choice for pro Seismic riders for DH racing, especially the bubblegum *77a color that has tons of roll speed. They are known for gripping and sliding extremely well at the highest level of DH racing.

Seismic Hot Spot - BlackOps 76 mm wheels

The new 76mm x 59mm Hot Spot is quite possibly the fastest all-around wheel ever developed for Downhill and GS racing. It’s molded in Black Ops™ urethane around the new Seismic Mini-EC core. Not too big and not too small, the core preserves ample tire thickness while saving over ½-ounce per wheel and super-charging inside edge rebound. The result is a big, wide wheel with superior traction and roll; smooth, predictable handling; and the quickness of a much smaller wheel. Said multi-time World Slalom Champion Gary Fluitt, “I threw them on for my final run in the 2010 Texas Sizzler GS, and without any testing I dropped my time by over a half second. That’s an eternity in slalom racing, and it was more than enough to give me the win.”

Diameter: 76mm

Durometer: Orange (77A), Blue (80A), Red (82A), Purple (83A)


80a, 82a, 83a, 77a
Core positie
Wiel gebruik
Downhill Wielen

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