Orangatang Durian 75mm Wielen

Orangatang Durian 75mm - 80A, 83A, 86A

Our Description:
The Durian is a larger double radius offset freeride wheel. Being 75mm means it will have better roll speed around town and be better able to roll over rough terrain, but might be a bit chattery for slides. You can load up the edges of the wheel before sliding by doing an aggressive carve beforehand to make the wheel slide more smoothly. The 83a and 86a slide quite smoothly and will last nearly forever. 

Orangatang Durian

75mm tall with a Contact patch (width of wheel in contact with ground) of 45mm. These offset wheels are intended for grippy, hard carving and consistent, controlled slides. Double rounded lips, and a stone ground/pre-broken in surface for smooth slides out of the box.

Diameter: 75 mm.

Durometer: 80A (Orange) / 83A (Purple) / 86A (Yellow).

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