RAD Glide 70mm Wielen
  • RAD Glide 70mm Wielen

RAD Glide 70mm Wielen

€ 53,68

RAD Glide 70mm - 78a, 80a, 82a

  • Blauw
  • Rood
  • Wit
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Our Description:

The RAD Glide is a designed based on the ultra successful Kryptonics back in the day. Being sideset means this wheel will slide much easier than comparable wheels, but may also cone a bit over its life. This is the perfect wheel if you want to get into freeriding, sliding, or drifting corners. It's SUPER easy to hold out long slides.

With a sideset core and 30mm contact patch, breaking traction has never been so buttery. The Glide comes with a stone ground finish, ready to slide right out of the box. At the heart of it all is the Crown Core. With three points and two valleys to separate the wheels into distinct sections, chatter and vibrations are eliminated. The Crown Core doesn't deform under weight, maximizing your potential roll speed. From the flat ground to the steepest hill, the Glide will ensure a great ride.

Durometers: 78a (white), 80a (red), and 82a (blue).


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