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Cult Centrifuge 71mm Wielen
  • Cult Centrifuge 71mm Wielen

Cult Centrifuge 71mm Wielen

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Cult Centrifuge 71mm - 83a

  • Blauw
  • Oranje
  • Rood
  • Wit
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Our Description:
The Cult Centrifuge is a larger and wider freewide wheel with more flat edges. This freeride wheel will have a bit more grip, last longer, and be more consistent as it wears down.

It has taken us many aeons (time passes slower for the Cult), but we have finally perfected our centerset freeride wheel – The Centrifuge… Imagined in our SLIDE-O-MATIC formula. Completely symmetrical in all five dimensions, with a wider contact patch than the Converter for a longer life and slightly more grip. We humbly offer it up to you for sacrifice on Asphalt everywhere.

Blue and Red colour have a Stoned Finish for a smooth release with no break-in time.

Orange and White have a Shiny finish for more grip out of the box.


Core positie
Center Set
Wiel gebruik
Slide Wheels

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