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Bustin 70mm Swift Freeride Wielen
  • Bustin 70mm Swift Freeride Wielen
  • Bustin 70mm Swift Freeride Wielen

Bustin 70mm Swift Freeride Wielen

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Bustin Swift 70mm - 78A Blue - 82A Black

  • 78A
  • 82A, Blue Core
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Our Description:
The Bustin Swift is a top notch freeride wheel. Made in the USA using a super smooth sliding urethane, you'll find this wheel perfect for all things freeride you're searching for. Smooth slides, good wear, and enough grip for some downhill runs too. Solid choice in any duro.

Bustin 70 mm Swift Freeride Wheels?


"White with Black core. 40mm contact patch. If you're on a super gnarly hill and are using your slides to slow down and you need to grip around the next corner going switch, these are the type of wheels that will give you the confidence to make that hill your lady dog friend. Same 70mm diameter, same stone-ground finish, same predictable and durable urethane.


"Blue with Orange core. 40mm contact patch. A perfect freeride shape with the soft 78a durometer. Excellent for speed control on the hill or in the city for traffic dodging. They are very quick to release and hook up nicely. The 78a is ideal for sweet, buttery slides and are very controllable when going sideways."


"Black with Blue core, or Black with Pink core. 40mm contact patch. Same shape as the Blue 70mm with slightly harder urethane. These wheels are even quicker to release, and 100% controllable going sideways. These are aimed straight at freeriding and sliding, and they will elicit longer, icy smooth slides when compared to the 78a formula. The 82a, 70mm Swift is Bustin's ultimate freeride wheel and is the wheel of choice for many of the Bustin team riders.

  • Height: 70mm
  • Durometers: 75A, 78A, 82A
  • Contact Patch: 40mm
  • Stone-ground finish
  • Freeride Wheels


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