Seismic Landslide 75mm Wielen
  • Seismic Landslide 75mm Wielen

Seismic Landslide 75mm Wielen

€ 59,46

Duro's: 79A (yellow), 83A (blue)

  • Blauw
  • Geel
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Seismic Landslide 75 mm Wheels

Sugary, chalky, use whatever terms you like. The grip-to-slip ratio of this new 'thane is in the perfect zone for smooth, controlled slides with great hookup and grip when you need it.

Superior durability compared to other freeride urethanes - due to the advanced new formula, slightly wider contact patches, and centerset hubs, which make the wheels completely rotatable.

The softer yellow duro is just grippy enough for comfort through hairpin turns, while the blues are outstanding for freeride and technical sliding. All-around great wheels, poured in a fantastic new formula.

75mm tall x 54mm wide Landslide Wheels.

Centerset bearing seat, stoneground running surface, generous double radius. 7.4 oz. each.

Poured in Seismic's breakthrough freeride urethane.

Available in Yellow (79A) and Blue (83A)

Sold in sets of 4 wheels.


Geel, Blauw
83a, 79a
Core positie
Wiel gebruik
Slide Wielen

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