Original S8 Truck
  • Original S8 Truck

Original S8 Truck

€ 35,50

Hanger: 200 mm

Prijs per truck, risers not included

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Our Description:

The torsion truck technology of Original trucks it will outsteer almost anything. Super fun and great for carving at low speeds. This version is still super wide at 200mm but much narrower than the Super 10. 



Original Super 8

A step up in stability, a step down in quickness. The Super 8 provides a large increase in stability at the cost of quickness, in relation to the Super 6 trucks. Geared as an all around carver the Super 8 truck adds downhill to its arsenal while maintaining a smaller turning radius than most slalom trucks. In addition the extra width allows you to put this truck on boards designed with only minimal wheel bite cutouts.

Hanger width: 200 mm.

Price is for one truck


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