PNL Precision Truck - "Joey"
  • PNL Precision Truck - "Joey"

PNL Precision Truck - "Joey"

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Angle: 47°

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  • Bronze/Blue-Grey
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Our Description:
The Joey is PNL's narrower version of their successful RKP truck. PNLs feature some cool features like a ball pivot that allows the truck to steer more effectively. 

PNL Precision Truck - "Joey"

The PNL "Joey" 165mm rkp truck is a precision machined entirely made in the U.S.A.
The "Joey is dedicated to Joey Ramone. Another one of my favorite punk rockers that has passed away. Gabba Gabba Hey!

47 degree baseplate.
165mm hanger width bearing face to bearing face.
Stainless steel insert in the baseplate machined to spec to match our own machined kingpin.
Open bushing seat that captures the base of the bushing. This eliminates any bushing slop while still allowing for a great non restrictive truck.
Spherical ball pivot. This allows for a no bind pivot.

Baseplate and hanger - 6061 T6 aircraft grade billet aluminum.
Axles and kingpins - 17-4 heat treated stainless steel.
Precision washers- 303 stainless steel.
Precision machined bearing spacers.
Bushings are manufactured by RipTide Bushings.
Pivot cups are machined from 95.5a WFB RipTides urethane. Smooth with great rebound.

Price is for one Truck


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