Carver CX 5" Trucks
  • Carver CX 5" Trucks

Carver CX 5" Trucks

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Hanger: 127 mm

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The Carver CX is our Patented front truck, designed to create the same handling characteristics of surfing, but in a lighter, simpler configuration. Five years in the making, it's the solution that bridges the gap between a standard truck and our revolutionary C7. What we wanted was a truck that shared the same sharp turning and lateral thrust as the C7, but was a little stiffer, so it felt familiar to skaters who weren't prepared for the extremely surfy feel of the C7 but still wanted to snap their turns and pump for speed. By using a steep, forward facing kingpin and setting the axle a little farther back, we've managed to loosen up the geometry to give you unprecedented maneuverability. Riding fakie is much easier on the CX than the C7, as it is a much more stable truck, but we still recommend it as a front truck only. On a shorter board it pumps fast, tight turns with ease, and on a longer board the quick, solid handling opens up performance so you can surf hills and banks with unprecedented fluidity and control.

Hanger width: 127 mm.

Contains 1 Carver CX (front) truck, 1 Carver C2 (rear) truck and 4 shockpads. 


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