Welcome to Sickboards. Are you looking for quality skateboarding gear? We’ve got you covered. Sickboards has been providing a increasing selection of quality skateboards, skateboarding accessories, and skateboard completes for 10+ years. We’ve grown from a small college flat in Den Haag into a large warehouse boosting 10,000 different skateboarding products. This is all possible because we keep the health and sustainability of skateboarding a core part of our philosophy. We have a skatepark in our warehouse, and support skateboarding events of every level across Europe. Give our selection a look and you’ll see we carry top name and core brands like Element, Delish, Powell, Plan B, The Killing Floor, and many more. With our huge selection of quality and affordable skateboards and skateboarding gear, it’s easy to find the deck or complete that fits your style. Our customer service is top of the line, providing a 100 day return policy, same day shipping, as well as online and phone help. Every order above 300 Euro receives FREE WORLD WIDE shipping, not bad when we have over 10,000+ products. Visit our website, or come check out our store front in the Netherlands. Feel free to reach out to our staff! They're looking forward to answering any questions you may have and help you find the gear for you.