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Sector 9 Gasket Knee Pads

Whether you're charging down hills, sliding, freeriding, skating ditches, or riding vert, Sector 9 has the right pad for you. Sector 9 has really put their team riders through the ringer developing these pads over the last 2 years in order to ensure you receive the highest level of protection. So slap some on today, and drop in, drop knee, pole jam, or slide around a corner with confidence.

1. Durable Neoprene Sleeve 
2. Breathable Delrin Hard Caps 
3. Removable Delrin Hard Caps 
4. Heavy Duty Velcro 
5. Durable Double Stitching 
6. Maximum Flexibility & Comfort 
7. Mesh Nylon Bag To Carry Pads & Gear

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