Honey AMP 2 V-Lam - Deck Only Bekijk groter

Honey AMP 2 V-Lam - Deck Only

Lengte: 32" / 81.3cm, Breedte: 9.375" / 23.8cm

At 32", the amp 2 is a compact version of our popular amp 6. Designed for carving, the shorter wheelbase of the amp 2 is ideal for quick snappy turns. Our popular v-lam flex core lies at the heart of the amp 2, making it even lighter and more responsive. The amp 2 is cambered with our mild concave and wheel cutouts to accept a 70mm wheel without wheel bite in those deep carves. The amp 2 has become a favorite around college campus's for its light weight, compact size and maneuverability.

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