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Lush Shocker - Complete
  • Lush Shocker - Complete

Lush Shocker - Complete

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Trucks: Lush 7.375"
Wielen: Cult Converters 70mm
Lagers: Lush ABEC 5

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Lush Shocker - Complete

Ready to roll right out of the box!

The Shocker is mega stiff, mega short and perfectly formed. It's less curvy than it's bigger brother, the Vandella, but features the same construction and a lot of the same features. A topmount freeride/race/slide machine, ready to rip straight out of the box.

Topmount, super short wheelbase gives supreme grip and ultimate cornering ability
4X Construction, Similar in many ways to X-Flex, but instead designed for skating fast and holding lines through corners. With 4X we use two layers of Bi-Axial Wet Laminate Glass, one layer in from the surface of the layup as per X-Flex, but the top layer of glass (closest to the grip tape) is laid at 45 degrees to the length of the deck providing less torsional flex. The deck now has fibres running diagonally across the deck, adding stiffness. This translates to better tracking in corners, an ultra responsive ride and more control when drifting and sliding. More info.
E-Glue for deck durability
Semi-symetrical shape with plenty of width right along the board. Goes backwards as well as forwards...
Adjustable wheelbase, front and back, with multiple wheel wells allowing the use of super-low regular kingpin as well as reverse kingpin trucks.
Our new rail profile - sharp at the top, chamfered on the underside.

Setup: Lush 7.375" Trucks, Cult Converters 70mm Wheels and Abec 5 bearings

Length: 93 cm

Width: 16.4 cm


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